Finnish unmanned aircraft regulation takes effect

Industry All 19/10/2015

Finnish unmanned aircraft regulation takes effect

On October 9th, a new regulation overseeing the use of remotely piloted and model aircraft went into force.

Created by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), aviation regulation OPS M1-32 is relatively liberal compared to the regulations that determine drone use in many European countries, in that it does not require unmanned aircraft operators to possess an aerial work certificate.

In Finland, as of October 9th, unmanned systems must weigh less than 25 kg and their flights must take place at an altitude (above the take-off point) of under 150 m, at least 5 km away from airports. Operators are also required to keep full flight logs and remotely piloted aircraft must carry the name and contact details of the operator onboard.

In addition, operators must provide Trafi with the following information prior to their first unmanned flight:

·       Details of the operator (min. age 18)

·       Basic technical information concerning the aircraft

·       The intended nature and scope of the operations

·       Information about whether or not operations are to take place over densely populated areas

·       Information about whether operations are to take place over an open-air assembly of persons.

Visit the Trafi Unmanned Aviation webpage.

Read/download the OPS M1-32 PDF regulation (PDF)