Solutions All 05/02/2016

Highest eBee flight to date recorded in Himalayas

A climate change research team’s eBee drone reached a maximum flight elevation of 5,900 m or 19,357 ft.

Sky high surveys of several glaciers in the Himalayas were conducted with the senseFly eBee in Khumjung, Nepal by Dr. Joseph Shea, an ICIMOD Glacier Hydrologist.

The research included six successful flights with a maximum flight elevation of 5,900 m (19,357 ft). The highest eBee flight to date.

Data obtained during the research will be used to construct detailed mosaics and elevation models of the study sites. Comparisons of the UAV datasets with satellite imagery and terrestrial photography will be used to examine rates of glacier change, glacier flow velocities, and the role of ice cliffs and ponds in the melt rates of debris-covered glaciers.

Learn more about the research of Dr. Shea and co. in this video.