Italian aviation authority designates eBee ‘harmless’ in major boost for commercial operators

Industry All 16/10/2016

Italian aviation authority designates eBee ‘harmless’ in major boost for commercial operators

senseFly’s lightweight eBee mapping drone platform has been verified as ‘harmless’ by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), enabling commercial eBee owners to operate much more easily.

After a long and intensive verification procedure, managed by senseFly’s Italian distributor Menci SoftwareENAC has now officially recognised senseFly eBee drones as ‘harmless’ aircraft.

As per article 12 of ENAC’s Regulation of Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles, which applies to drones weighing under 2 kilograms, this sought-after designation means eBees are therefore considered “non critical in any operative scenario”.

This change means senseFly operators in Italy are free to use their eBee UAVs, whether eBee, eBee RTK or eBee Ag, across a wide range of projects (excluding flights over crowds), without needing to apply for specific ENAC authorisation for each individual operation.

“This harmless rating will change the lives of our Italian customers by vastly reducing their administrative burden,” said Jean-Christophe Zufferey, senseFly’s CEO. “As such, senseFly operators such as geospatial experts, surveyors and crop consultants can take to the skies to collect the data they need more quickly and easily. Our wholehearted thanks to Menci Software for their fine work in driving through this important change.”

Made from shock-absorbent EPP foam, the eBee mapping drone weighs approximately 700 grams. In the event of an incident, this ultra-light aircraft’s kinetic energy is equivalent to that of a kicked football. However, thanks to the eBee’s aviation-inspired autopilot and large range of failsafe behaviours, eBee incidents are few and far between­­­ – operators around the world have recorded over 310,000 successful eBee flights to date, spanning seven continents.