First senseFly eBee imported into Indian market

Partners All 09/11/2016

First senseFly eBee imported into Indian market

senseFly customer SAKURA-GSR has become the first company to import a senseFly eBee mapping drone into India.

senseFly customer SAKURA-GSR has become the first company to import a senseFly eBee mapping drone into India, having received all the required pre-approvals necessary to bring the UAV into the country. These approvals have been gained despite there currently being no specific drone regulations in place in India.

“We are delighted to have been able to bring an eBee into the Indian market, as this tool will help us to offer timely and accurate geospatial products to a wider range of clients,” said Dr. B.Babu Madhavan, the Director of SAKURA-GSR. “We have obviously done a lot of work with these various departments and commissions to prove the professionalism and safety of the eBee and these organisations have been convinced that this data collection tool does not pose a threat to people or to property.”

SAKURA-GSR plans to use its eBee for a range of surveying and wider geospatial projects – spanning rural and social development, infrastructure, natural resource management and more – for which additional project-level authorisation will be required each time.

Sakura-GSR recently completed its first eBee demonstration project in India’s Anantapur District, the team showing farmers and the District Commissioner how the technology can be used to monitor crop health and drought for insurance purposes.

This Indian news follows hot on the heels of the eBee receiving mapping drone being verified as ‘harmless’ by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (story), enabling commercial eBee owners in that country to operate much more easily—including flying over urban areas.