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Why Fly A Fixed-Wing Drone? Expand Your Remote Mapping Capabilities Reason 4 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Should you fly a fixed-wing drone or a quadcopter? Which drone platform is the most efficient and cost-effective solution? Reason 3 of our white paper focused on how the longer overall flight time of fixed-wings help you take on and complete more mapping missions per week versus a quadcopter. Reason 4 demonstrates how the longer flight time and range of a fixed-wing allow you to reach remote sites with ease, thus greatly expanding your remote mapping capabilities.

To learn more about this benefit of flying a fixed-wing drone (and four additional benefits), check out the infographic below. And don’t forget to download our exclusive guide, Expand Your Horizons – 5 Reasons to Fly a Fixed-Wing Drone, by clicking the button.

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Infographic Reason 4: Expand your remote mapping capabilities

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