2019 NC Drone Summit & Flight Expo: Recap

News Industry All 16/08/2019

2019 NC Drone Summit & Flight Expo: Recap

senseFly proudly sponsored the 2nd annual NC Drone Summit and Flight Expo in Greensboro, North Carolina. The event took place over three days from August 11-13. More than 500 people attended to experience 13 panels, 20 exhibits, five keynote speakers, numerous indoor software demos and continuous outdoor flight demos. Our team participated in two eBee X flight demos and an insightful panel discussion.

BVLOS with Troy Hittle

A panel led by PrecisionHawk about Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations featured Troy Hittle, senseFly’s General Manager of North America . He agrees with the philosophy that what is required for BVLOS is a three-legged stool approach. One huge component—or “leg” of the stool—is leveraging detect-and-avoid (DAA) to integrate with the National Airspace System (NAS). Another part—or a second “leg”—is that C2 must be able to communicate constantly and reliably to the aircraft. The third—and final “leg”—pertains to operations over people. One of our partners, for example, successfully obtained a waiver for operations over moving vehicles and people because they established a high-level of reliability with a low-level of energy dissipation.

To hear more about Hittle’s views on BVLOS operations, watch the following clip:






Flight Demo with Miles Kelly

We also successfully completed two flight demos with the eBee X led by our Regional Sales Manager, Miles Kelly. We discussed the mapping capabilities using senseFly’s eMotion flight planning software while the eBee soared overhead. An action shot from one of the launches was published on the front page of Greensboro’s News & Record newspaper.

NC Drone Summit with senseFly

Learning with Leaders

Other panel discussions focused on topics such as drones in disaster response and recovery along with a Q&A session featuring the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT). The five keynote speakers were professionals from large corporations like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as well as the FAA. Their speeches consisted of information for facilitating safe integrations of drones in the National Aviation Services (NAS). This aligned well with what Hittle discussed in his panel the previous day.

Overall, the NC Drone Summit was very successful. We had a great time and met many fellow enthusiasts who were just as passionate about fixed-wing drones as we are. We were able to educate those individuals on BVLOS, which is a required knowledge in our field. Safety is priority, and so is the continued strides of integrating drones into society in a positive way.

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