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5 Reasons to Fly a Fixed-Wing Drone: (INFOGRAPHIC)

Why fly a fixed-wing drone instead of a quadcopter?

It’s simple: fixed-wing drones, such as the senseFly eBee X, fly farther and map more efficiently than quadcopters.

By simplifying the collection and analysis of geospatial data, the senseFly eBee X helps you make better decisions, faster.

Not only can you take on a greater variety of projects with a fixed-wing drone, but the extended flight time and versatile nature of the technology make it easier for you to complete jobs quickly.

And when it comes to large- and small-area mapping projects or accessing difficult-to-reach sites, flying a fixed-wing drone makes that easy, too, thanks to its extended flight radius.

To learn more about all the benefits of flying a fixed-wing drone, check out the infographic below. You can also download our exclusive guide, Expand Your Horizons – 5 Reasons to Fly a Fixed-Wing Drone, by clicking the button.

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Expand Your Horizons - 5 Reasons Why Fly a Fixed Wings Drone

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