xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions by BASF Selects eBee X Fixed-Wing Drones for Digital Crop Management in Brazil

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xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions by BASF Selects eBee X Fixed-Wing Drones for Digital Crop Management in Brazil

Brazilian soybean farmers can save on costs due to greater precision of crop protection, more accurate weed management and greater return on investment while reducing their environmental impact

senseFly, the global leader in fixed-wing drones is pleased to announce that its eBee X fixed-wing drone platform was selected by xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions by BASF as the best solution for aerial imaging technology and will integrate into its digitally enabled crop management solution xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER.

senseFly’s eBee X fixed-wing drone was selected for its efficiency, accuracy and robust design, while the insights drawn from xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER and senseFly drones combine to better support farmers in Brazil by enabling more precise crop management.

senseFly xarvio training Brazil

“Precision agriculture technology is driving the digital farming revolution,” said Gilles Labossière, CEO of senseFly. “This trend will continue as increasing numbers of agronomists, agricultural engineers, farmers and enterprise organisations turn to drones, like the eBee X, for efficient crop insights and to more accurately plan and manage their farming operations.”

A fleet of fixed-wings

Using a fleet of senseFly’s durable eBee X fixed-wing drone technology to capture high-quality images of fields, xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER helps automatically detect areas with weed infestation and generates herbicide application maps, reducing the amount of herbicides used by an average of 53.3%.* These maps are complemented with a product recommendation provided by FIELD MANAGER to fight field-specific resistant weeds.

senseFly and xarvio in Brazil

The advanced aerial mapping capabilities of the eBee X support xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER in providing fast and efficient analysis and classification of weed infestation levels within hours with on/off maps based on weed thresholds.

Actionable aerial insights

The combination of drone-captured images and xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER enables actionable field-zone specific recommendations—all of which are vital to protect harvests and increase profitability.

These include:

  • Optimisation to the cost of herbicide applications
  • More efficient and precise management of resistant weeds
  • Reduction to the overall environmental impact caused by traditional farming operations

The use of the eBee X with xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER is a good example of how easily senseFly’s fixed-wing drone platform integrates into enterprise-level solutions, specifically those focused on the digital farming sector. Earlier this year, senseFly was named a Trimble Select preferred partner, which made senseFly’s platform of drones and sensors available through the company’s distribution network.

For more information about senseFly drones, please visit www.senseFly.com. For more information about xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER, please visit xarvio.com.

*Results from using senseFly eBee fixed-wing drones with xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER during the 2018/2019 season in Brazil.