eMotion 3.10.0 Adds Multispectral PPK and Updated User Interface

News All 27/01/2020

eMotion 3.10.0 Adds Multispectral PPK and Updated User Interface

The latest update to eMotion is here, adding multispectral PPK functionality and an updated user interface that makes navigating and using senseFly eMotion flight planning software even easier.

Multispectral PPK

With eMotion 3.9.0, we added AES-256 encryption standard and multispectral RTK support for MicaSense RedEdge-MX users. Now, with 3.10.0, we’ve added even more convenience with full PPK support.

Precision farmers and agronomists can now geotag the imagery captured with their MicaSense RedEdge-MX using a PPK workflow.

The support for PPK workflows provides several benefits, including the ability to generate the index maps need for crop analysis with extremely precise geolocation—reducing the number of ground control points (GCPs) needed—and improving the quality of orthomosaics generated.

Additional benefits include:

  • Removing the laborious process of redefining plot boundaries for every flight throughout the season
  • More accurate height and volume information, leading to better biophysical attributes of the plant canopy
  • Better plot-level geometry for machine learning-based phenotyping

Users who perform field trials and any other studies that require a time series analysis with multiple flights can also expect to benefit from eMotion’s new PPK workflow support.

“The MicaSense RedEdge-MX is now aligned with all the other payloads compatible with eBee X,” said Benjamin Pinguet, Product Manager. “The ability to use both RTK and PKK workflows means more certainty and more possibilities for multispectral operators that need high absolute accuracy.”

Updated User Interface

Easy to use and intuitive are two characteristics often associated with eMotion. In our latest update, we’re adding to that reputation with further enhancements to eMotion’s user interface.

eMotion 3.10.0 Updated UI

In eMotion 3.10.0, users will be greeted with a new white background, clearer layout for the Drone Panel and Control Bar, and simplified icons that will make navigating and executing mapping missions even easier.

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