eMotion 3.11.0 Update: New UI, Faster Processing & More

News All 10/03/2020

eMotion 3.11.0 Update: New UI, Faster Processing & More

This month, we’re pleased to share the latest update to our eMotion flight planning software. eMotion 3.11.0 is filled with several exciting new features that make your mission planning and execution easier than ever. We’ve also thrown in a few quality-of-life features that we think you’ll enjoy.

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Refreshed user interface (UI)

With the release of eMotion 3.10.0, we introduced a refreshed look to the Drone Panel and Control Bar. With 3.11.0, we’ve taken that further by refreshing the entire user interface (UI).

The new look is clean, modern and makes navigating the interface and planning and executing your missions faster and more intuitive. We’ve also updated the icons to help you quickly and easily navigate flight details and parameters.

Overall, everything is faster and easier to find thanks to the new design and user-focused layout.

“We’ve all grown fond of eMotion over the years, but it’s no secret that a facelift was needed,” said Andy McClellan, Product Owner. “We’re always striving to improve our products and software, and we believe this latest version of eMotion delivers on that ambition—I’m looking forward to hearing what our users have to say.”

Here’s a peek at the new look:


Faster processing

Faster data collection with a drone doesn’t always equal faster image processing. To help bridge that gap, we’ve taken steps in eMotion 3.11.0 to help speed up the initial processing stage in Pix4Dmapper, resulting in a time savings of up to 35-40% if you choose Pix4Dmapper’s Accurate Geolocation and Orientation option.

In 3.11.0, we are not only geotagging the image positions in real-time, but we’re also adding the IMU angles from the payload for faster first-step initial processing. Matching is also made more robust for better management of challenging and repetitive textures. As a result, overall point cloud quality and accuracy are improved for a sharper orthomosaic. Simply put, greater image calibration and greater robustness provide us with more accurate results.

3D mapping block from KML and new QOL features

eMotion 3.11.0 comes with a variety of quality-of-life (QOL) features that improve your pre- and post-flight workflow.

For example, it is now possible to create a 3D mapping block from a KML file.

Additionally, we’ve introduced the option to view your mission plan in Google Earth and take advantage of its advanced visualization tools and high-resolution terrain model for safer and more effective flight planning

Finally, eMotion 3.11.0 makes it easier to find and utilize past flights via the software’s Logbook. Now when you select a past flight, you’re immediately provided with all the pertinent flight details, including trajectory lines, for easy flight recognition.

Do you have questions about the latest version of eMotion, flight-planning best practices or our suite of drone solutions? We’re here to help! Contact us today.