eMotion 3.12.0: New Language Support & UI Enhancements

News All 27/05/2020

eMotion 3.12.0: New Language Support & UI Enhancements

We’re pleased to announce the newest version of senseFly eMotion flight planning software is available to download.

Version 3.12.0 provides enhanced UI and additional quality of life (QOL) features, including new “phone-style” icons, tab improvements and beta language support for Portuguese and Mandarin.

Read on to learn more details about each new feature.

New UX Improvements

We’ve introduced a steady stream of UX and UI improvements over the last few months, beginning with eMotion 3.10.0’s refreshed Drone Panel and Control Bar, followed by 3.11.0’s complete UI revamp.

With 3.12.0, we’ve further enhanced the eMotion experience with new “phone-style” icons on the drone panel, which provide helpful status icons, such as battery status and the number of photos taken.


The latest update to eMotion also includes a new “sticky status panel”, which provides helpful drone status updates that can be locked so that it’s always visible, even when scrolling.

“While not the most-feature rich eMotion update in recent months, we’re still excited to bring version 3.12.0 to our users,” said Andy McClellan, Product Owner. “We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to improve all aspects of eMotion, making the software more user-friendly and robust—we think users will enjoy it.”

Rounding out the UI updates are improvements to the Tabs, which are now clearer, as well as the block details, which benefit from a cleaner layout.

Beta language support for Portuguese and Mandarin

In addition to general bug fixes and overall performance improvements, we continue to explore ways to make eMotion available in more languages. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that eMotion 3.12.0 features beta language support for Portuguese and Mandarin—hopefully making mission planning and management a little easier for Portuguese and Mandarin-speaking users.

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