eMotion 3.13.0: Automated Drone Flight Log Management, Expanded Night Flight Support & More

News All 24/06/2020

eMotion 3.13.0: Automated Drone Flight Log Management, Expanded Night Flight Support & More

We’re pleased to bring you the latest update to our eMotion flight planning and monitoring software, eMotion 3.13.0.

Version 3.13.0 provides senseFly pilots with enhancements and greater usability, including additional support for night flights, better drone flight log memory management and other UI-focused quality-of-life changes.

“Continuously improving eMotion—raising its quality and reflecting the evolving needs of our users—is very important to us,” said Andy McClellan, Product Owner. “These past months have made it challenging to develop and test higher-profile features, nevertheless, we’re happy that we’ve managed to bring our customers a really solid set of improvements in these last couple of releases.”

Read on to learn more.

Automated drone flight log space management

For eMotion 3.13.0, we’ve made it easier to manage flight logs.

Previously, logs were captured automatically and stored in the drone’s internal memory. Effectively managing these files required users to regularly connect to their drone and manually delete their flight logs as needed.

This proved both time-consuming and cumbersome, which is why we’ve now automated the process.

When the internal memory starts getting full, the system will automatically delete the oldest log, removing the need to manually delete them to make space for new ones.

The bar no longer displays remaining space because the process is automatic.

Smart support for night flights

Also new for this release is a smarter way for eMotion to support night flights.

While previous versions let users operate in low-light conditions by disabling the camera’s low-light warnings, doing so meant disabling all other camera warnings as well. Instead, 3.13.0 lets users isolate the low-level warning while continuing to monitor for all other warnings.

This can be achieved in the “Safety and Security” tab and preserves the automatic return to home function if the camera malfunctions while still allowing for flights in low-light conditions with the senseFly S.O.D.A. line of cameras or at night with the senseFly Duet T thermal camera.

Flexible battery voltage display and optional attitude indicator

In keeping with recent user interface enhancements, eMotion 3.13.0 now lets you toggle both the drone’s battery voltage display and attitude indicator on or off.

Drone panel display showing individual cell voltages and attitude indicator.

Drone panel display with individual cell voltages turned off and attitude indicator hidden.


Previous user feedback found that both displays could be distracting during mission planning and execution. Now, users are welcome to turn these displays on or off and retain just the flight information they need.

Be advised, however, that some regions require that you display this information during flights. Always consult your local flight law and regulations.

Additional fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a drone that had lost its in-flight connection to eMotion from regaining it if the camera became unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to fly RTK missions with an expired RTK license
  • Fixed an issue that caused the drone to make extra turns between corridor mapping block sections
  • Refreshed the look and design of the eMotion installer

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