At senseFly the quality of our products is our top priority. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers. We know how much they depend on our technology to provide the time-sensitive data their projects require. And that as a result, downtime is a serious no-no. That is why we obsess about the quality, reliability and durability of our solutions.

Safety first

Inspired by the aviation backgrounds of our founders, we test both individual components and finished drones extensively to achieve the highest possible level of safety and reliability.

senseFly drones are flying continually, all over the world. They are flown by our team, our distribution partners and, of course, our customers. The usage data from these flights, for those operators that agree to provide it, provide our R&D and production staff with continuous, detailed feedback—a raft of information that we use to further enhance and optimise our systems.

Checked, checked, and checked again

  • senseFly drones undergo quality checks at every stage of production
  • Every component is individually tested and calibrated, including at different temperatures
  • Every finished drone is flight tested
  • Each drone & its components are then re-verified before shipping
  • All senseFly products are supplied with a one-year warranty & lifetime support

What do we calibrate?

  1. Temperature calibration of autopilot (barometer, pressure sensor, gyroscope & accelerometer are tested in a climatic chamber)
  2. IMU calibration of gyroscope & accelerometer
  3. Current calibration of motor power supply by autopilot
  4. Servo & trim calibration
  5. In-air pitot calibration (testing of air speed values)

What our customers say

We use an eBee for many different projects: mapping, road and railway projects, power lines, dam and construction projects, renewable energy and more. For us, it is the most effective drone on the market. It is the perfect intersection of user-friendliness, quality, price, support, and software.

Diner Yılmaz

General Director, Artu Harita Bilişim GIS Mühendislik, Turkey

I use the eBee for 3D geomorphological and archaeological missions in very harsh conditions and it has almost never failed to accomplish its mission. Its safety protocolshigh-wind detection, ground detection, battery failure alerts etc.make sure it always comes back. More than just providing reliable machines though, senseFly has always been present for technical assistance and questions. It’s good to have a company truly interested in what people do with its machines and willing to learn from these experiences.

Julien Guery

Scientific Consultant, JMMG Consulting, France

With our eBee we can provide our final data in just a few days, whereas previously this would have taken much longer. Most importantly, the eBee allows us to operate safely and it’s highly reliable — even when simulating critical errors as part of our annual flight assessment I have complete confidence that it will do exactly what we ask it to.

Chris Slee

Director, ATEC-3D, United Kingdom