Drone Shot of the Month – Arctic Beach

Every year our design team creates an exclusive senseFly wall calendar featuring 12 unique images captured by our professional mapping drones. For the second shot in our 2016 series, we have a bird’s eye view of an alluring, turquoise-watered arctic beach.

Located in Greenland’s Nuuk fiord region, this beach is home to a small summer settlement (not pictured) called Qooqqut.

The image meanwhile was captured by the Asiaq Greenland Survey’s senseFly eBee, part of a series of photos used for topographic reconnaissance of the terrain and 2D vector mapping.

This particular shot features a ground sampling distance of 4 cm (1.6 in) per pixel and was captured at a height of 115 m (377 ft) above ground level.

Here’s a high-resolution version (click to expand):


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