Drone Shot of the Month – Serene Green

Every year our design team creates an exclusive senseFly wall calendar, featuring 12 unique images that have been captured by our professional mapping drones.

The first we’re sharing here on Waypoint is a foamy, luminescent beast of a shot. A strangely beautiful body of water. A lithium pool.

Captured by the eBee of Chilean engineering firm INGENIART LTDA, this image was taken during a customer demo flight over the evaporation pool of a mine in Salar del Carmen, Chile.

The shot features a ground resolution of 2.7 cm (1 in) per pixel while the UAV that snapped it was flown at an altitude of 80 m (262 ft) above ground level. Suffice to say, this shot easily proved to INGENIART’s client the resolution benefits of using a UAV for high-resolution image collection in place of satellites.

Here’s a high-resolution version (click to expand):


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