You Know You’re a Professional Drone Operator When…

Here at senseFly our customers are professional drone operators. They range from land surveyors and GIS specialists to mining engineers, crop consultants and environmental scientists. And most use their drones pretty regularly.

Just for fun, we asked them the complete the headline above.

The answers were great and, we think, provide an eye-opening insight into the world of commercial UAV users today.

Here is a selection:

You know you’re a professional drone operator when…

  • … you dream from 150 feet AGL (Ben Miller)
  • … you visit somewhere new and you think, “I could map that…” or else you automatically start identifying take-off and landing zones (name withheld)
  • … you get excited when out driving and you see stockpiles (Simon Morris)
  • … you start looking at fields and crops in terms of percent image overlap needed to achieve sufficient matches to ensure a quality point cloud and orthomosaic (Michael Dunn, CCA)
  • … you think “this looks like a good landing area…” (Scott Gould)
  • … you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is look out the window to see if the previous night’s weather forecast night was correct and conditions are suitable to fly! (Nicky Grobler)
  • … you have a bumper sticker that says ‘Drones are people too’! (John DeLeon)

Are you a professional drone operator? Add your suggestion in the comments below!