Map Without Limits – Exploring the senseFly eBee X

Map Without Limits – Exploring the senseFly eBee X

Drone details, cameras, data and operator experiences

Fri, February 25, 10:00 EST / 16:00 CET (GMT+2)


In this webinar you will learn

– What features and functionality the eBee X offers
– What endurance & accuracy options exist
– What data quality can be achieved with the eBee X’s new cameras
– How the founders of two leading drone service companies (IN-FLIGHT Data & Green Aero Tech) have employed the eBee X during the past two months
– Their feedback on the results and efficiency achieved (spanning open pits, BVLOS applications and more)

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Drone details, cameras, data and operator experiences


Francois Gervaix

senseFly, Product Lead - Fixed-Wing

A qualified Geomatics Engineer, Francois has worked for Leica Geosystems and as a professor at the Technical University for Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO). In 2010 he launched project R-Pod, Photogrammetry on Demand, before founding Easy2map, a drone-based photogrammetry service provider, in 2012. Francois joined senseFly in February 2016. He was also President of the Swiss Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for five years.

Chris Healy

IN-FLIGHT Data, Owner/Operator

The owner of IN-FLIGHT Data in Canada, Chris has an unmatched passion for the value that BVLOS UAV flights can bring to Canadian organizations, governments and citizens. As the Project Lead for Canada’s largest-ever BVLOS project, and using the complete family of eBee aircraft, Chris and his team have successfully delivered on over 2,000 km of BVLOS flights for over 20 large Canadian and multi-national organizations.

Scott Hiebert

Green Aero Tech, CEO

The CEO and co-founder of Green Aero Tech, Scott’s experiences running a multi-million dollar investment firm allowed him to see the opportunities for UAV specialists in business, and to translate drone technology into solutions for industry. Today Green Aero Tech is one of North America's leading drone service companies, specializing in delivering accurate, actionable and affordable data to professionals in fields as diverse as agriculture and oil and gas.